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Discount for New Members of WAPF

Dear Friends!

I would like to share this offer from the Weston A Price Foundation with you:

WAPF as a group is able to accomplish things that as individuals we can never do alone.

  • WAPF has helped bring traditional foods back to the plate-fermented veggies, raw milk, grass-fed meat, bone broth and more!
  • WAPF has been active in gaining greater access to these foods by backing supportive legislation and connecting food producers with consumers such that the availability of these foods has increased dramatically.
  • WAPF has supported the scientific validation of these foods through articles and research which helps people appreciate the value of these foods and eat them.
See even more things they do at:

Please support this organization by becoming a member. Membership dollars help them continue their work. You will benefit by getting their quarterly journal, shopping guide and can join their members-only Facebook group. To join:


As a member, you can receive one free year of membership if you refer or give 2 new memberships. Giving gift memberships is a bargain this month: give 2 new gift memberships (cost non-US $80) and get one for year for you (regular cost for this would be $150). Or let us know the names of two people who join this month due to your encouragement and we'll give you one year free.