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Dr Natasha



The Truth About Covid-19

Dear Friends,

A new book has just come out by Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins. The title is: The Truth About Covid-19. Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and The New Normal. This book summarises most of the true scientific information about recent events, the information so carefully censored out and deleted by the mainstream media and mainstream internet. You can find a lot of similar information on On the non-mainstream internet platforms there are statements from hundreds of honest, hard-working medical doctors and scientists from all over the world. Here are a couple of links:

Please, listen to these doctors and scientists! Their message is clear: there is no pandemic! The 'pandemic' was manufactured out of lies and manipulations as an effective tool to bring in The New World Order. We will talk about this 'order' soon, but let's talk about the virus first.

There may be a virus, but it is not dangerous for the vast majority of people. The only people who got seriously affected were sick people and elderly, who have always been susceptible to any infection. Vast majority of people had no symptoms at all or had mild symptoms of an ordinary cold. The mortality rate from all causes in 2020 was the same as the normal yearly mortality all over the world. There were no extra deaths in 2020! So, the draconian measures of lock-downs, mask-wearing and fear and panic, implemented all over the world, are completely and utterly unjustified.

Their second message is: do not vaccinate! The Covid 'vaccine' is not a vaccine, it is a genetically modifying biological agent with hidden ingredients. It does not protect you from any virus at all and has been designed for some other purpose. The true medics and scientists suspect that this purpose may be quite sinister.

Their next message is: all the statistics of Covid-19 'pandemic' were based on a fraudulent PCR test. People who invented this test, specifically stated that it cannot be used for diagnosing infectious disease. Apart from the test, direct manipulation and lies were used to inflate the statistics to the point that none of the official numbers can be trusted or even taken seriously.

The next message is: masks do not protect you from anything. Permanent mask-wearing is designed to weaken your health and make you susceptible to any disease. Fear-mongering, lock-downs and mask-wearing have demoralised the global population, creating an epidemic of depression, suicides and other mental and physical health problems on a vast scale, let alone loss of jobs and businesses and general increase in poverty.

Despite the fact that millions of people got injected with the Covid 'vaccine', why are we still going through the nightmare of mask-wearing, self-isolating, lock-downs and economic collapse? Who has done this to the whole world and continues to do it? Who are these people, who created panic, grief, confusion and poverty on a global scale? And why are they still doing it?

The answer is obvious: the super-wealthy elite of the world. For all of humanity's existence, for millennia, they have been enslaving and tyrannising people. The difference between previous centuries and now, however, is that today they have powerful technologies at their disposal. Using internet, social media, 5G and rapidly developing artificial intelligence (AI) they have unsurpassed power to influence and control humanity. These technocrats suffer from psychopathic greed: no matter how much money they have, they must make more. They equate money with power, and they use their power to hurt and manipulate people.

They have paid for and control the mainstream media of the world. If you watch TV, read newspapers, magazines and mainstream news on the internet, you are subjecting yourself to lies and manipulation from these technocrats. Thanks to the mainstream media activities, the whole world got plunged into fear and panic and is kept there now. The mainstream internet giants (google, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc) are at the heart of this technocracy; they have censored and deleted all true scientific information, while aggressively promoting the technocratic agenda. All non-mainstream media is pronounced to be 'conspiracy theories' and is being supressed. Freedom of speech and expression has disappeared. Democracy has been degraded. People have lost most of their liberties and freedoms, which previous generations fought hard for.

At the end of the World War II, during Nuremberg process one of Hitler's high commanders was asked: how did they manage to convince German people to follow their agenda and commit appalling atrocities? His answer was profound: fear! As long as people are kept in fear, they will do any heinous thing and find justifications for their behaviour. The Covid 'pandemic' is based on inciting global fear, so people would surrender their freedom and liberties without any resistance. One of the best quotes from Benjamin Franklin describes the current state of the world very well: 'People, who give up their freedom for a bit of security, deserve neither and will lose both!'

What else is the 'pandemic' for? One of technocrats' reasons for manufacturing the 'pandemic' is to transfer wealth from middle classes to themselves. Since the beginning of lock-downs, millions of people have lost their livelihoods, while the super wealthy of the world have acquired hundreds of billions. Most governments of the world are bought and controlled by these technocrats; they are following orders to incite fear and panic in their countries, implement lock-downs and other draconian measures to destroy the economy and transfer wealth to the technocrats. International organisations, such as WHO (World Health Organisation), WEF (World Economic Forum), UN (United Nations) and other are also funded by technocrats and implement the technocratic agenda.

What is their agenda? Their agenda is The New World Order (The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Build Back Better), which technocrats have been working on for decades. This is a plan to transfer all wealth and planet's resources into their hands, while the population of the planet will not have any property at all and will rent everything from the technocrats. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to monitor and record everything a person thinks, says or does; this information will be used to control and enslave people. There will be only digital money (no cash or cards) so, if people don't obey new rules, they will be cut off from their money supply. Everybody will have to wear masks for the rest of their lives and imprison themselves in their homes. Everybody will have to vaccinate with a never-ending stream of vaccines, because vaccines are immensely profitable for technocrats. All information about individuals will be implanted into their bodies (with an electronic device), so the artificial intelligence can easily control the person. People will be divided into casts according to their obedience: the most disobedient will become outcasts and will be punished. In short, this plan is to create a global technocratic concentration camp. Many elements of this New World Order have already been implemented in China. People in the West think that it cannot happen in their counties. How naive! It is already happening.

And yet, in all this doom and gloom there is hope! All force creates a counterforce. This is the law of physics and everything on our Planet follows it. The evil plans of the technocrats are creating a powerful opposition from decent, honest human beings all over the world.

There is a lot every one of us can do to stop their plans for the New World Order. And there are many more of us than them!

What can we do?

Money is not wealth! It is only an accounting system for measuring wealth. Real wealth is land, your garden where you grow your food, your good health, good food (which brings health and vitality), healthy Nature around you, clean air and water, your loving human relationships, your loving family, your friends and your local community, your clear conscience (which allows you to sleep happily at night), your laughter and joy, happy conversations and singing with your friends and loved ones. If you have all that, you are truly wealthy!

We, humans, are powerful creatures. Everyone of us has creative energy and, what we put that energy into, grows. Do not waste your creative energy on fighting things you don't want and don't like! By fighting them, you put your energy into them and make them grow bigger. Instead, invest your precious energy into what you truly want for yourself, for the world around you and for our beautiful Planet.

We can turn every negative into a positive. For example, if the school is closed, spend quality time with your children. Get to know them. Teach them to think for themselves and solve problems on their own. We need independent thinkers in this world more than ever! Teach your children to cook wholesome meals for themselves (not cake and pizza) and to grow food. Take time to connect to Nature and you will find piece and truth. If your job or your business is closed and you have to be at home, use this time to cultivate your garden. Get rid of decorative beds and lawns and start growing food for your family. Get some chickens in your garden; they are so easy to keep, they will bring you lots of joy and the best eggs you have ever tasted. If you don't have a garden, there are community gardens around for you to join, and there are allotments. If you start producing your own food, the technocrats cannot starve you. Learn new useful skills, such as beekeeping, carpentry, building, gardening, making clothes, weaving, etc. We all need to get back to basics. If the technocrats cut your access to money, you can exchange your skills and food from your garden with other people, without any money involved. Get in touch with local community and cultivate local friends face-to-face, without using technologies. These are real friendships, which social media and other technocratic inventions are incapable of providing you with. Teach your children to cultivate real friendships with real children in the local community. Joining a community garden will bring your whole family good friends. Cut down dramatically on using technologies and you will be largely protected from the evil plans of the technocrats.

We must stop buying food from supermarkets! Supermarkets belong to the technocrats; they rob hard-working farmers all over the world in order to make super profits for themselves.They pollute the planet by transporting food long distances. And everything in a supermarket is produced by industrial chemical agriculture, which also belongs to the technocrats. The food in supermarkets does not give you or your family good health, instead it creates disease. Organic label in the supermarket cannot be trusted! The technocrats have worked hard to corrupt organic standards in the last decade, so now we have 'organic' pesticides and practices, which have no place in real organics. If you want real organic food, you have to grow it yourself or buy it locally from people you can trust.

All food should be produced and consumed locally! This way we can allow honest farmers to survive without subsidies from Western governments. The money for these subsidies is given to governments by technocrats in the first place. People must wake up and understandthat all governments of the world, from time immemorial, serve the wealthy! No matter what propaganda they give to the population, the reality is that most Western governments are corporations in their own right, and their primary job is to serve wealthy global corporations.No matter what good intentions individual politicians may have, the overall government and civil service are so structured and controlled that they cannot be changed. So, we must stop expecting anything decent or good from the governments! We must do everything ourselves. All good things in the world come from grassroots. We are the grassroots and the power is in our hands!

But what about laws and regulations? Western population at large is very obedient and prefers to 'follow the rules'. We must think in every instance about who made the rule, does the rule make sense, who exactly does this rule serve, and is it worth obeying. And we must make our decisions on a local level. In other words, we must start thinking for ourselves! This is quite a revolution for many people, because the mainstream education, they went through, was designed to obliterate the ability of independent thought and create obedient citizens. Citizens, who are incapable of thinking for themselves and would blindly follow rules. This rases a question about schooling. Many people, who understand what mainstream education is doing, avoid it and home-school their children. This does not have to be a lonely affair: families can join together and teach their children as a group. There are non-mainstream educational programmes, specifically designed to bring up independent thinkers, and there are good teachers around.

But above all, we must not live in fear! Fear is nobody's friend! Let us not get an idea that we are helpless victims of some hideous monsters and their evil plans! Victims and abusers are two sides of the same coin, they always come together. For there to be an abuser, there must be a person who loves living in fear, and therefore is ready and primed to be abused. Every one of us must examine our attitude to life and think carefully about our prevailing energy. Do I spend most of my life living in fear? Fear of lack of money, fear of losing my job or my home, fear of losing my family, fear of not being good enough, fear of pain or fear of death. Do I worry a lot? Do I have anxiety? We are electro-magnetic beings; our bodies emit energy and everyone's energy has a unique frequency of vibration. Fear has a certain frequency which, like a magnet, attracts abusers. Have you ever thought about why children bully each other? Bullies always pick on certain children; they do not bully everybody. Children, who are bullied, emit a certain energy with a certain frequency of vibration, and bullies have the same energy in them, but with a reversed charge. The two attract each other, they find one another almost instantly like a magnet finds a piece of metal. The bullying does not stop when these children grow up; there is plenty of bullying amongst adults. As long as you indulge in fear, allow yourself to live in fear, you will be a victim of bullying and abuse.

Fear is not your friend! If you do find yourself in a dire situation, fear will not help; in fact, it will paralyse you and make you incapable of dealing with this situation effectively. The good news is: it is entirely within your power to abolish fear from your being and change your frequency of vibration. Many people, who survived dire situations in history, were asked a question: were you afraid? The answer was always the same: yes, fear knocked on my door, but I did not let it in! I had fear, but I did not follow it, I ignored it. This 'pandemic' has demonstrated to the whole world that far too many people on our Planet live in fear, let their fear lead them and rule them. They muzzled themselves with useless, insulting masks out of fear. They self-isolated out of fear. They abandoned their elderly relatives in nursing homes and would not visit them or hug them, out of fear. They follow nonsensical government rules, out of fear. They turn into petty little tyrants, demanding that everybody around them wear masks, out of fear. And why do you think those technocrats want to enslave and control the whole of humanity? Because they also live in fear! What are they afraid of? They are afraid of us - billions of human beings, who have the power to strip them off their wealth and bring them to justice for their crimes against humanity.

There is no pandemic! There is a charade, a game of Big Fear, and the whole word got involved in playing it. A game is only worth playing if it is fun! Are you having fun? Or have you had enough of this nasty game? Is it time to stop? Only you can stop it, every one of you, and there are billions of us. If every human on the Planet will say 'enough!' and stop playing this game, then the 'pandemic' will end. Only ordinary people at grassroots can stop this 'pandemic'! There is no point to look up to authorities to stop this game, they have imposed it on us in the first place and are greatly profiting from it. There is no point to wait for the command from your government to 'go back to normal'. This command will never come, because the technocrats are enjoying this game too much. They are winning, and it is our fault! It is our fault, because we have agreed to play their game in the first place. And we got deeply involved in it. So, if you had enough of their game, stop playing it. Take off that nasty muzzle from your face and throw it away! Stop self-isolating, stop sitting at home! Start giving hugs to your friends and family! And start living your life again the way you want to live it!

What about the technocrats and their evil plans? It has been accepted through ages, that power and big money are the hardest challenges a human being can face. Their corrupting influence is so powerful, that majority of those who had this challenge in history, failed miserably. Our global technocrats are a clear example of that. But, before we get into judging and blaming, we must understand that technocrats are people, just like you and me. Every human being is capable of the best and the worst. How would you behave, if you were a billionaire or were born into super-wealth? Would you behave differently than those technocrats? Do you admire billionaires and aspire to become one of them? If the answer is 'yes', then why do you want it? These questions are important to ask and the answers must be brutally honest. The global super wealthy elite (globalists, technocrats) live in fear and greed. They have committed too many crimes against humanity for the sake of their wealth and power. They don't see any way out for themselves, but to enslave and control all those who may challenge them and bring them to justice. They may look grand on the outside, but what is in the hearts of these people can only be described as pitiful.

Everything in our lives happens for a reason. Humanity lost its way and got lured into dumb consumerism by the global corporations. To them we are not human beings, we are 'consumers' of their goods and services, and therefore it is okay to manipulate and abuse us. The results of growing consumerism are not pretty: poor health of the population (both mental and physical), huge social problems, disconnection from Mother Nature and relentless destruction of our Planet. Are you happy to be a mere consumer, who only cares about personal interests? Or do you prefer to be a HUMAN BEING, who takes responsibility for everything happening on our Planet? We must stop and think, ask ourselves big questions and try to answer them honestly.

The current crisis is global and we are all responsible for it. Whether we like it or not, we will have to face it as the whole global humanity. No more 'little me'. No more 'what can I do'! No more 'this will not affect my country'. Every human on the Planet is paying the price for the 'pandemic' game, because the majority of humanity allowed it to go ahead. Every human being on the Planet will have to face the horror of The New World Order, if we allow it to go to plan. And there will be nowhere to hide! No corner of the globe will be safe. And it will be our collective fault; we will only have ourselves to blame if we let it happen.

We have the power to turn this world into a paradise. But, in order to do that, we need to be filled with love and joy, not with fear and greed. Only love will allow us to thrive instead of merely surviving. We need to unite instead of allowing technocrats to divide us. 'Divide and conquer' is a very old and effective formula, used by tyrants for millennia. But they can only use it, if we allow them to do that to us! We must abolish 'us against them' mentality. There should be only us from now on. We are one humanity living on one amazing Planet, so everyone must be treated with love. No human being is above or below another human being! We are equal with each other, no matter how different we may be, because we all need love, we all need kindness, we all need family and community, we all need good food and shelter, and we all need healthy undamaged Planet to live on. It is time to create a true global democracy, and it must begin in our local communities and in our families.