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Dr Natasha



The Depression Summit

Dear Friends,

Depression is a tough condition. You wake up one day and realize that not only do you not feel great, but you are noticeably diminished - the old spark has gone out, your natural zest for life has disappeared, you have low mood, lack of motivation and maybe even irritability with those you love. You may feel you're "just getting by." Dreams or aspirations you once held dear, you now see through a fog, if you can remember them at all.

Unfortunately, despite a medical-pharmaceutical approach that dispenses over 250 million prescriptions for antidepressants annually, depression is on the rise.

But there is hope. I hope you'll join me for my talk at The Depression Summit, an online gathering of some of the top minds in functional medicine, holistic psychiatry and alternative healing as we dive deep into exploring the various causes of depression - not just biological causes, but emotional and spiritual causes as well. I and all the other speakers will be presenting specific solutions that have successfully helped people rekindle their natural life force. You can learn more about the summit here:

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