Any use of the letters GAPS on this website are used solely as an acronym for Gut And Psychology Syndrome
Dr Natasha



Dear Friends,

Koren Specific Technique (KST) was discovered and developed by Dr. Tedd Koren after he was partially disabled in an accident that left him in constant pain and limitation. He traveled all over the US and saw 40-50 doctors and healers but no one was able to give lasting relief. He suffered for ten years In desperation he developed a way to work on himself and was free of pain in 5 days! His second KST patient was his wife whose 12 years of migraines disappeared. It took a few seconds to locate and correct the cause. Since then thousands of people are using KST in their practices and personally.

In addition to its phenomenal success with pain and disability of all kinds, KST has helped children and adults with allergies, dyslexia, phobias, digestive problems, vision problems, neuro-musculo-skeletal problems, and improves balance and coordination and brain-body function.

KST uses the "wisdom of the body" (body biofeedback) to locate and correct areas of stress, imbalance, blockage, toxicity, stagnation and interference. KST finds what most other doctors and healers miss. KST can be used with Gaps Diet practitioners to individually tailor the needs of the child. For information on registering for our London seminar go to or call 267-498-0071 (us East Coast) or write to Dr, Koren at

KST can be taught to health care professionals of all kinds. KST is often used by lay people to work on oneself and loved ones.