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Dr Natasha



Seven Day Introduction to Biodynamics

Dear Friends!

For those of you in the UK I would like to draw your attention to this wonderful course: Seven Day Introduction to Biodynamics. The Course will be run over seven Saturdays from January till June 2017. It is organised by Spencer Christy, a very experienced biodynamic farmer. The course will be held at his farm: Lauriston Farm, Goldhanger, Essex, CM9 8AH. Biodynamic farming is the best farming there is in the world, better than organic and in harmony with Nature. You will learn how to grow food biodynamically in your own garden and how to look after animals with kindness and deep understanding. You will learn from wonderful people and in a wonderful environment. One can do the whole course or choose any Saturday you like. If you have questions or would like to sign up for the course, please contact Spencer Christy on Tel: 01621 788348, email: