Any use of the letters GAPS on this website are used solely as an acronym for Gut And Psychology Syndrome
Dr Natasha



The Gut: Key to Good Health

Dear Friends,

I was recently interviewed on the Wise Traditions podcast, sponsored by the Weston A. Price Foundation, and it is now available to the public. The half-hour podcast episode is focused on the critical connection between gut health and our overall health. I think you will enjoy the episode. And I hope it can be a tool to introduce some of the GAPS concepts to family and friends.

To find the episode, just go to the iTunes store and scroll all the way down the page to the word "Explore." Under "Explore," you'll find the word "podcast." Click on that and then type in the words "Wise Traditions" in the search box with the magnifying glass.

You should see the Wise Traditions podcast in the lower left-hand corner. Click on the image of the boy and you will see all episodes. My episode is entitled "The gut: key to good health." You can listen on iTunes or download the episode. (You can also subscribe to the podcast there.)

If you don't have iTunes, just go to website and click on the podcast icon on the right-hand side bar. It will take you to the page with all of the podcast episodes, including mine. You can listen or download episodes from the website, also (though there is no way to subscribe from the website).