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Dr Natasha



GAPS Diet - A Testimony from Heidi

Dear Friends,
I received this wonderful letter recently. The author is happy to share it with the world. Thank you, Heidi!

My name is Heidi. I wanted to write and thank you for your help. I believe you have turned our lives around and I could never offer enough gratitude for giving us our life back.

I am myself a natural practitioner and up until a few weeks ago, for 15 years I have struggled with ongoing digestive issues (candida, giardia etc etc) and the related mental health issues that come with it. I have effectively managed my health quite well considering with herbal medicine, a fairly great diet and yoga and meditation. Ironically I actually run a health retreat and have helped hundreds of clients with emotional wellbeing issues over the past 4 years with the same treatments so becoming very ill was a complete shock to me, because I thought I was a 'healthy' person. But after my daughters birth 4 years ago, we contracted an infection (clostridium) that lead to 6 types of antibiotics at birth. I was gutted knowing what was probably to come. Nothing could prepare us for the journey ahead, I had no idea what we were in for. At 12 months my daughter started showing signs of autism. She lived in a shell, was angry, hyperactive, couldn't sleep, hated loud sounds, was extremely easily over stimulated and her hands tremor all the time. We had no idea what was going and at the time my health was slowly deteriorating and I looked ill. We stumbled through the next few years following the fairly beaten path. We saw 6 doctors, 2 neurologists, ayurvedic therapists, herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths and tried a few different diets and the most ridiculous list of supplements that actually seemed to be getting longer and longer just to function. Low iron, low B's, low everything actually and constant diarrhoea, anger that was extreme, cravings for sugary alcohol (totally out of character for me) and just a general feeling of overwhelm and being sick became our everyday life. All the while I am questioning how the hell this could happen? Why wasn't our organic diet and supplements working?

Then one day I flicked a switch, had completely had enough and stopped listening to all the conflicting advice we were given. Along our path we had met amazing people that all helped in their own way, each therapists gave us a new piece of the puzzle but we were getting worse that was for sure. I went internet shopping and bought three books. First was a story of recovery by a mother of an autistic child. I cried all the way through this book and launched myself out of denial and into action mode. Then was the body ecology book which I love but could see was not right for us right now. Then was GAPS.

We have slowly introduced the full GAPS diet with plans to do the intro diet over our xmas holiday break. But already this is what we have seen (writing this through tears of gratitude):

  • my daughter is completely different; she talks full sentences, cracks jokes, has learned to ride her bike and a scooter in the last week, puts things away, has stopped tripping over everything, has not had one tantrum, is finally taking herself to the toilet and waking with dry nappies and is amazing to be around compared to the energy draining, screaming, yelling and hard work child she used to be.
  • both of our digestions have returned to normal. we have normal stools. I cannot tell you how amazing this is after 15 years of not having a normal stool very often. we are reacting to salycilate foods terribly (I remember I was highly allergic as a child but only post my teenage MMR vaccination) so we have cut those for now and will re-introduce.
  • my moods are up. I realise I actually don't need my yoga practice to be sane. I am focused and can get more done but realised I used to get a lot down through frantic manicness then crash where as now I just cruise through the day focused and occasionally I have little moments of thinking 'life is unreal!' or feeling really happy. I can't remember the last time I thought like that!
  • the best part is that our relationships are completely changing. our whole house is happy and carefree and although I live in the kitchen I don't care! I look at sugar, grains and all the foods causing us problems and I just feel ill. I never used to have any will power with change but now I feel like a strong and happy person, in just 3 weeks!

So from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. We are looking forward to two years of gaps!

I would love to do your practitioner training and we are closely looking at moving our retreat clients onto a gaps inspired diet.

Thanks again.

With love