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Dr Natasha



Dear friends!
Welcome to my blog and thank you for coming here!

I would like to open my blog with an old Persian fable. Here it is:

A Persian King is celebrating his son's 18th birthday. He raises his glass to say a toast.

- My son! - he says - On your birthday I have three wishes for you.
- My first wish for you is to have good health!
- My second wish for you is to have excellent health!
- My third wish for you is to have perfect health!
- Everything else we can buy!

Yes, good health is Mother Nature's biggest gift! Sadly, many of us realise it only when we have lost it, or when we bring into this world a sick child.

Where does good health come from? There is so much confusion in this area! Well, it certainly does not come from your doctor or medical system. Medicine is not about health, it is about disease!

Genetics are a popular concept in our modern world; every disease is blamed on genetics. Well, genetics are only a blueprint, an architectural drawing on how to build your body. In the vast majority of us our genetics are perfectly sound and beautifully designed, as, thanks God, they have not been designed by man. But it is not enough to have good architectural drawings to build a house, you need building materials. The building materials, which your body is made from, are the food you eat on a daily basis.

Unlike building a house, we build our bodies all of our lives; it is an ongoing and never ending process. Why? Because almost all cells in your body have a short life, many of them only live a few days. They die-out and get replaced by newly born young cells. This wonderful process is called Cell Regeneration, and it goes on in all of us from the moment of conception to the moment we die. Thanks to cell regeneration our bodies have a wonderful ability to keep themselves always strong and new, and to heal themselves when there is any damage. So, when your doctor pronounces that you have arthritis in your knee, and it is "incurable", that is nonsense to your body. Thanks to cell regeneration, your body can replace every damaged cell in your knee with newly born young healthy cells. The word "incurable" only means that your doctor does not know how to cure it. The fact that mainstream medicine doesn't have this knowledge does not mean that the knowledge doesn't exist elsewhere. Mainstream medicine is only one form of healing in this world; there are other forms of healing, and many of them assist cell regeneration and natural repair in the body. Every three months you have a new liver, for example, as this very active organ replaces all of its existing cells with newly born young ones.

In order for your body to give birth to young healthy cells it needs building materials: proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; and it needs them every day, every hour and every minute of your existence. Where do these building materials come from? From food and drink! So, your health depends on what you put into your mouth for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. That is what you are made from, your food! And just like a house, depending on what you eat and drink, you can be made from prime quality materials or from cheap second-rate junk.

Next time we will talk about what foods are the prime quality materials for you to build your body from.
Best wishes,
Dr Natasha