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Dr Natasha




Dear Friends!

We had a very successful WAPF conference in London on the 8-9 of February. A lot of new excellent information!

One particular subject has been highlighted by several speakers - glyphosate. I would like to give you a brief summary of what has been said.

Remember the pesticide DDT? It was so destructive to all life on the planet that it got largely banned all over the world in the 1970s. Forget DDT! There is something much more dangerous and destructive being sprayed all over our planet now - GLYPHOSATE, the main ingredient in the popular herbicide Roundup. Since its patent expired in 2000 glyphosate became one the most widely used chemicals in the Western agriculture. It is the biggest profit maker for its manufacturer Monsanto, who has successfully convinced Western authorities that glyphosate is safe. But the scientific evidence is mounting to show that it is far from safe.

  • Glyphosate persists in soil, food and the gut flora of humans and animals. It causes growth of Clostridium difficile in the human gut. It acts as an antibiotic in the body and destroys the normal balance in the gut flora of humans and animals.
  • Glyphosate causes vitamin D deficiency in humans, as it interferes in its activation in the liver.
  • There is a strong correlation between glyphosate use and obesity epidemic.
  • There is a perfect correlation between glyphosate use and epidemic of autism in the world.
  • Glyphosate converts into a toxic chemical P-cresol in an autistic gut, absorbs into the bloodstream and gets excreted in the urine.
  • Most bio-markers of autism can be explained by the use of glyphosate.
  • Glyphosate causes low levels of serotonin and dopamine in humans, leading to depression and other mental problems.
  • Glyphosate causes an overgrowth of a pathogenic microbe called Pseudomonas aeruginosa in human gut, which produces formaldehyde and other very toxic substances in the body.
  • Recently our Western intensive agriculture started using glyphosate as a desiccant for seeds: ripe wheat, soy, rape and other grains and seeds are sprayed with glyphosate just before harvesting to dry them out and make it easy to separate the seeds from the rest of the plant. This means that the seeds are covered with freshly sprayed glyphosate.
  • Soil gets destroyed by glyphosate; the microbial community in the soil gets altered and damaged.
  • Bee populations suffer from the use of glyphosate through direct poisoning of the bees and through removal of normal foraging plants necessary for bees' survival.
  • Glyphosate causes fungal infections in animals and humans. Fungal infections are a major cause of animal extinction.
  • Glyphosate causes hormonal disruption in humans and animals.
  • Glyphosate impairs ability of plants to absorb carbon from the air contributing to the global warming.
  • Glyphosate binds minerals in the soil making them unavailable for the plants or soil microbes. Foods grown with the use of glyphosate have a very poor mineral composition.
The good news is that Mother Nature is fighting back. There are about 150 so-called 'super-weeds' which are resistant to glyphosate, and their numbers are growing. There is no such thing as a 'weed' as far as Nature is concerned; all plants have their place and their use. These super-weeds are the Nature's way to heal the soil damaged by glyphosate and other agricultural chemicals.

We have to fight back too! What can we do?

Eat organic foods, and grow your own organic food.

Inform as many people as you can about the insane things our intensive agricultural industry is doing. In chasing higher and higher profits the industry has convinced the governments that we have to increase food production 'to feed the world'. In this venture the British government is now planning to reduce the land left to natural habitats down to 5%, and convert the rest into arable agricultural wasteland.

What is being hidden from the public is the fact that WE ARE OVER-PRODUCING FOOD! Last year Western agriculture has produced enough food to feed 11 billion people on the planet! The problem is not in the production of food. The problem is in the unfair and dysfunctional distribution of food on the planet. While the Western world is over-consuming food and wasting almost 50% of it, people in other countries are starving. The plight of those people is cleverly exploited by the commercial industry to keep increasing food production (in order to keep increasing their profits).

Another sad development: THE EU GOVERNMENT has finally buckled under the relentless pressure of Monsanto and USA government and ALLOWED GENETICALLY MODIFIED 'FOOD' INTO EUROPE. In 2013 they have passed a legislation that it is up to the individual European countries to decide if they want to grow GMOs. The British government can't wait to introduce them into the food chain in this country! Purple tomatoes are already being sold on some markets - they are GMO tomatoes developed in the UK. University of East Anglia is working on developing GMO potatoes and other GMO things.

In the USA GMOs are not labelled on the food packaging; Americans have no right to know what they are eating! Every year American citizens are trying to get their government to label GMOs, but it is not happening because the government is protecting the commercial interests of Monsanto and other GMO producers. If we do nothing about it the British government will do the same thing here. British public will start consuming GMOs without even knowing about it.

There is a mountain of research demonstrating that GMOs are destructive to animals, poisonous. The work of WAPF in Illinois prisons, where prisoners are fed GMOs in large amounts, has provided a very valuable data on the damaging effects of GMOs on human health. The proponents of GMOs in Europe point to the USA saying that 'Americans have been eating GMOs for years and they are OK'. They are not OK! USA is a leader in pretty much every modern degenerative disease in adults and children; and in every new generation that situation is getting worse. Another rising epidemic in the USA is parasitic infestations (such as Lyme disease and intestinal parasites). Parasites always follow toxicity; the more pollution we get into our bodies, the more vulnerable we become to parasites. GMOs, glyphosate and all other agricultural chemicals are very toxic pollutants for our bodies, for the planet and all life forms on it.

Yet another sad development: THE ORGANIC SECTOR HAS SHRUNK IN THE UK IN 2013! Many organic producers did not survive in the harsh commercial environment. The British government gives virtually no support to organic sector, while heavily subsidising the conventional production of commercial crops.

I hope that this information will make us all think! Think: what can we do in order to protect ourselves, our children and grandchildren from the commercial world we have created.