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Dr Natasha



What Covid-Madness Is All About - A Call to Action

Dear Friends,

It seems that the world has lost its mind. Several countries have already implemented the 'new world order' - a modern form of fascism. Personal QR codes and 'vaccination passports' (like personal numbers of prisoners in the German Nazi camps) are becoming a rule all over the world. The pressure to 'vaccinate' is increasing relentlessly, despite the fact that these 'vaccinations' do not protect from anything and just make people sick. 'Isolation facilities' (or more precisely - concentration camps) are opening all over the world. Whole nations are quarantined, locked down, muzzled with masks and not allowed to travel, go shopping, eat out or gather with friends. These restrictions apply to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Vaccinated are forced to keep 'vaccinating' every six months. Thousands of real scientists, virologists, medics, doctors and other informed people are not allowed to publish their information online or in any mainstream media. If they try, their information is pronounced to be 'conspiracy theories' and deleted. Instead, the population is fed fear-mongering lies day after day by the mainstream media. There is no freedom of speech. There is no freedom of movement, expression or travel.

Even your own body does not belong to you anymore, according to the mainstream narrative! And parents have no right to protect their children anymore from being injected with an experimental mixture of toxins, called 'the vaccine'. After two years of covid madness, it is a clear scientific fact that this virus is not dangerous: vast majority of people do not get ill from it or get symptoms of a mild cold. It is most definitely not dangerous for young people and children. The draconian measures implemented all over the planet do not make any sense at all!

Despite all this, many people still don't see what is going on and are obsessed with 'the virus'. Many people still listen to the mainstream media and believe it. Many people still trust their governments. Many people are still waiting to 'go back to normal'. Many people still think that, if they behave like good little citizens, vaccinate, obey all the rules, they will be all right. Does this look like a bad dream to you? A nightmare? It is, but only for those who are asleep.

What is really going on? Even the most fearful amongst us are starting to suspect that all this cannot be about a virus alone. What is the real agenda behind Covid-19?

Let us talk in plain language. All of these measures are designed to wake you up! You - the sleeping humanity, one man and woman at a time.

Please, wake up!

The 'vaccination' is not a vaccination! It is a biological weapon unleashed upon unsuspecting humanity, which modifies the genetics of your body to produce a spike protein. This spike protein has been classified as a bio-weapon, published in scientific literature a few years ago before the 'pandemic'. Apart from the spike protein, the injection contains many other dangerous and toxic things. Vaccinated people shed these toxins for 5-6 months, which means that their bodies are working hard to remove the injected material through sweat, breath, urine, saliva, stool and all other excretions. This shedding is toxic to everyone around these people. As soon as they stop shedding, the authorities demand that they inject these toxins into themselves again, so they can continue shedding, because these authorities want everyone to be contaminated. This is the purpose of so-called 'boosters'.

Why are they using lockdowns? Do you still think that their purpose is to protect you from some virus? Please, wake up! The purpose of lockdowns is to transfer wealth from middle class and the poor to the super-wealthy. This is a fact, obvious to all economists, scientists and others who understand how money works. It is certainly obvious to those who lost their livelihoods thanks to these lockdowns.

There is no pandemic and there is no dangerous virus. The super-wealthy global elite created covid as a tool, a smoke screen to hide their real agenda. All governments of the world are following their orders, so there is no point to appeal to governments. All mainstream media belongs to this super-wealthy elite and follows their command. Their task is to keep the population in fear, so the population plays their game. What is this game that the super-wealthy elite is trying to play with us? This game is global and evil; its aim is no less than the enslavement of the whole of humanity.

Who are they, those who are trying to enslave humanity? Let's not go fishing in a cesspool, let's just give them a name they fully deserve. Their plans cannot be described any other way, but evil. So, let's call them THE EVIL. This evil is relentlessly following its plans and, unfortunately, succeeding. Why? Because we, the people of the world, are playing along. The statistics flying around are that 80-90% of people in different countries have 'vaccinated'. The EVIL uses lies, it always lies, but if these statistics are even close to the real figures, then we are in trouble! This means that majority of humanity has joined the evil and is supporting its plans. Majority of people on our planet have made a choice, the most important choice of their lives - a choice between good and evil, and they have chosen the evil? Majority of people on our planet are asleep, having a nightmare. In order to end the nightmare, they must wake up! They must learn the truth of what is really going on.

What is really going on? There is a war behind the scenes between GOOD and EVIL. In order to win, the GOOD needs us on its side! It needs as many people, living on this planet, to join it! So, everyone must make a choice, a profound spiritual choice: a choice between good and evil. Everyone must make a choice of which side to take. Nobody is allowed to sit on the fence! The evil is increasing its pressure all the time; the pressure to vaccinate and to behave like an obedient slave is growing everywhere. If you still believe that your freedom and liberties have been taken away to protect you from 'a deadly virus', you are asleep. You are sleep-walking into a concentration camp.

So, WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Those of us, who are awake, what should we do?

We must get as many people as possible to the side of the GOOD. At the moment far too many people are supporting the evil, out of fear, weakness or ignorance. Talk, talk and talk to everyone you know! Explain and explain! Do not be afraid to be called a conspiracy theorist. Forget about yourself and your image, forget about your ego. Focus on helping all the people you care about to wake up, to see clearly, to shake the nightmare off and to join the GOOD side. This is a war! Start recruiting people to your side. The more people join the good side, the easier the evil will crumble.

The EVIL is going to be crushed, they will lose. But in the meantime, it is very active and is upping its game all the time, using lies, manipulations and bullying. We on the GOOD side must not sit quietly and be inactive, we have work to do! Wake them up! All those that are still asleep, wake them up! Shake them awake!

We will not get everyone to our side, because not every human being on this planet is honest, kind, loving or selfless. There are some who belong on the evil side. There is no point to waste your energy on these people. But if you know a good person, who is just misguided and asleep, help this person to wake up.


Do not go marching and appealing to governments. They have nothing but contempt for their people. By appealing to them, you behave like a small child who cannot take care of itself and appeals to 'daddy and mummy'. All governments of the world are corrupt to such a degree, that they cannot do the right thing even if they wanted to. Every government is a form of tyranny! And, indeed, they are behaving more and more like tyrants towards the people of their countries, because they are serving the evil.

Do not go rioting and behaving in a destructive way. This is the same 'appealing to mummy and daddy', but this time in a form of a tantrum. Both marching and rioting is a form of attention-seeking behaviour. Whose attention are you seeking? The mainstream media is not going to report these events in a sympathetic to you way, they will wrap it up in lies and manipulations and present you as a fool. You will help the evil side by these activities.

Corona/covid madness will end very soon! But its end does not mean that we 'will go back to normal'. 'Business as usual' is not an option anymore! Please, wake up! What is it that we need to understand and wake up for? We need to understand that humanity has lost its way, drowned in consumerism, greed and self-interest. The level of corruption in all the world authorities is such, that it cannot continue. Our planet cannot sustain the current level of greed expressed by so many people. Life as before cannot go on! We, human beings living on the planet Earth, must change!

The good news is that majority of humanity lives on the 'grass root level'. This is the only place where truth, love, decency, kindness and honesty can exist. Anything above is corrupting, and is deeply corrupt today in our social structure. So, everything above the grass root levels must be brought down, examined and changed, from a local village council and the government of a country to multi-national organisations. They cannot continue existing in their current forms, because they have turned into a cesspool of corruption; they all serve the evil side. The events of the two years of corona madness have demonstrated very clearly, that no government or organisation of the world can be trusted. They all must be dismantled, cleaned and restructured. We, the people of this planet, have a lot of work to do ahead of us!

The good news is that more and more people are waking up every day! Change is always good, though it may not feel that way at the time. Nothing is static in this world, everything is flowing and changing. Corona madness is bringing profound changes in the way human beings are going to live on this planet. Human nature in its basic form is benevolent. We must preserve and nurture our human nature! We must unite as one humanity connected with love, family, friendship, community, kindness, honesty and generosity.

If people made the mistake of 'vaccinating', then they need to take steps to cleanse their bodies of all the toxins which were injected into them. They need to understand that, while they are cleansing, they present a danger to other people around them for six months. So, it is important to protect others from the toxins your body is shedding off.

It is vital to avoid mainstream media, which is employed to keep the population in fear. Fear is destructive, it causes disease! Instead, people need to fill themselves with love and kindness and share that with everybody they meet. People need to organise events to create joy and a sense of community. Focus on love and joy in life and stay close to nature. Our magnificent planet tells us every day that life is beautiful and good! The song of the birds, the sound of waves, the rustling of trees and the astonishing resilience of Mother Nature are full of hope.

Thank you, corona madness, for waking us up! Thank you for showing us that we lost our way! Thank you for forcing us to face our challenges! The work ahead of us will make the whole humanity better, kinder, more loving, more joyful, more honest and more generous!