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Dr Natasha



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Friends!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The new 2021 year will follow an unusual year. Let us call 2020 a year of silver linings!

What silver linings?

1. Many people discovered gardening, spent more time with their families, home-schooled their children and suddenly found plenty of time for contemplation: what life is really about. The rat race slowed down dramatically, which brought many benefits to many people.

2. Our Planet had a restful period of less airplanes flying and less people travelling, which means less pollution and less disturbance for Nature.

3. Many people realised that we cannot and must not trust authorities and experts anymore. Their motivations and behaviour have been baffling to those, who still believe that the intentions of the authorities are benevolent. For those, who have dropped that illusion, the behaviour and intentions of governments all over the world look downright sinister and, from that point of view, perfectly logical. Governments are supposed to be servants of the people, not the other way around. Instead, it has become apparent, that Western government are serving wealthy global corporations and, in many cases, are corporations themselves. Many people already feel that something of a global tyranny is emerging. Worldwide mainstream media is its propaganda machine. Like a magician in a circus, it keeps everyone's attention on the corona virus, while the real action is happening elsewhere. The current 'pandemic' is not the plague! Yes, there is a virus, but it is not as dangerous as an ordinary flu virus, or many other viruses in Nature. The global hysteria launched around this virus is completely out of proportion, from the point of view of real honest science and real honest medicine. But, from the point of view of providing a perfect smoke screen for global takeover of power, this hysteria makes perfect sense. Many people are starting to realise what is happening, and this is good news! A dramatic shift in human consciousness is emerging right in front of our eyes and will, in time, lead to true liberation. Perhaps, finally, humanity will be able to put governments in their place, where they belong: serving the people instead of tyrannising them.

4. Where does this leave every individual? Since there is no benevolent 'daddy' up there looking after our best interests, it leaves us not choice, but to take authority for our lives into our own hands. And this is a really good news! When people are left to their own devices, they always do the right thing, said Lao-Tzu, the founder of an ancient Eastern philosophy Taoism. When there is a problem, and a decision has to be made how to solve it, the highest intelligence can only be found in a decision of a single individual! The more people gather together to make a decision, the more manipulation happens, and the less intelligent the decision becomes. The lowest intelligence exists in the decisions of large groups of people, such as governments, where every individual is manipulated by lobbyists, and is manipulating the decision according to his own interests. This truth puts the whole structure of Western democracies into question. In the light of what has happened this year and what is yet to come, should we continue supporting these structures? The least every one of us can do, is to start making decisions (which affect our lives directly) ourselves, instead of blindly following 'rules'.

These are the silver linings of our times! We live in a world of polarities: up cannot exist without a down, plus cannot exist without a minus, good cannot exist without a bad. And, what is good for one person, may not be so good for another, or may even be downright bad.

So, let us embrace these times, as we had to embrace any times in human history! And let's fill our lives with love and joy, no matter what!

Best wishes, Dr Natasha

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