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Dr Natasha



Dear Friends!

The GAPS™ Nutritional Programme is essentially a self-help programme. However, there are large numbers of GAPS™ people in the world who need help and guidance from a qualified health practitioner - a practitioner who is GAPS™ trained!

I have good news: I am happy to announce the first four Certified GAPS™ Practitioner Training courses in the USA! I would like to train doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, osteopaths, homeopaths and other health practitioners about how to work with GAPS™ patients.

We will go through examples from the most common to the most difficult clinical case studies. We will establish a framework for a GAPS™ practice, including running a local GAPS™ Group. We will work through various clinical scenarios you may encounter in your practice. On completion of the course you will be a Certified GAPS Practitioner and will be listed on my resource site at as well as receiving referral patients from me.

After the initial four training sessions, listed below, I will hold training courses in Europe and other locations around the world.

2011 USA Certified GAPS™ Practitioner Training Schedule

  • Seattle: September 24th - 25th (Sat. & Sun.)
  • Chicago: September 28th - 29th (Wed. & Thurs.)
  • New York: October 1st - 2nd (Sat. & Sun.)
  • Dallas: November 15th - 16th (Tues. & Wed.)

Tuition: $1175.00
(Tuition includes the two-day training, lunches, training materials, and a business starter package)

For training location information and registration, please call the GAPS Registration Line at:

516-216-4658 or e-mail

The GAPS Registration Line is open now Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm (EST USA)

For more details, please go to:

I look forward to seeing you at a future GAPS Training Course!

Best wishes,

Dr Natasha