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Carli's Testimonial

Dear Friends,

Please see this wonderful testimonial from Carli:

Firstly, thank you so much, your wisdom and knowledge has led me to regain my health and I don't think there's any better gift than that, I'm so truly grateful.

My journey with autoimmunity started in July 2019. I contracted a virus and never fully recovered. Overnight I developed freezing hands and feet which was later diagnosed as mild raynauds, pain in the tendons and ligaments of my hands and fingers and around my knees, exhausting fatigue and a strong feeling of malaise. I had to fight for a doctor to listen to me but eventually in February 2020 I got a UCTD diagnosed (undifferentiated connective tissue disease). Knowing what I know now, I did have warning signs for a few years before this diagnosis - dry eyes, reoccurring cystitis and hormonal problems, although of course at the time I didn't connect any of this.

July 2019 - February 2020 was a very dark time, I came to the realisation that what I was experiencing was autoimmune, even though my doctor wasn't on board, I did some research and went gluten free pretty much immediately, I felt better. I then went on the AIP protocol and my symptoms started to improve even more. I was AIP for most of last year and was functioning well but certainly not thriving, I continued to research and look for answers.

Around November time I discovered a girl on YouTube called 'Gin Amber' who talks about Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride and how the GAPS diet has helped her with her hashimoto's disease. This sent me on GAPS frenzy, listening to podcasts, YouTube videos, reading blogs, researching studies, you name it, if it had Dr Natasha mentioned I have most likely read or watched it.

After reading the book and connecting my gastritis and recurrent vomiting syndrome that I had as a child with the most plausible pathogenic pathway to autoimmunity at age 29, I knew in my heart I had to start healing my gut. I started learning how to ferment, I ordered RAW milk from a lovely organic farm in England because its illegal here in Scotland, I started drinking meat stock and homemade sauerkraut with every meal, I already was eating very clean so the transition to full gaps was actually pretty easy. By the end of January, I felt fantastic, no UCTD symptoms but also noticed stronger nails, hair growth around my hairline, my tounge went from a musky colour to pink, my skin was clear. All these little things kept me motivated and confident that the shift to the GAPS diet was the right decision.

Now its March and I have to say this is the best I've felt and the most amazing thing happened - this may sound pathetic and I don't think you can really fully understand this feeling unless you have a chronic condition that depends on diet and restrictions to keep it under control, it was my best friend's birthday, I mentally prepared myself for some symptoms following a night of crackers and cheese, a few alcoholic drinks and a piece of cake... I woke up the next day full of anticipation but nothing came.. no pain, no discomfort, nothing, I actually ended up going for a big woodland walk and calling my mum to tell her the news (my whole family have also fallen in love with Dr Natasha). This didn't happen to me on AIP, I would always have a bit of pain following a day off the diet, I believe healing has been taking place on a deeper level.

I am going strong on the full GAPS diet for now and thriving, when I am in the right mindset I am planning to do GAPS intro later in the year, I know I will be on full GAPS for the next 2-3 years. In summary Dr Natasha has given me control of my body back, I have confidence in my own body's ability to heal, it's not a devastating diagnosis anymore, it's not something I'm scared of.

That is life changing in itself. I also have to note that I'm happier, people are noticing a difference in my mood, I laugh more. I believe this diagnosis was a blessing and will change my future health, without this knowledge and shift I believe the future wouldn't have been so bright. I run a business with 5 staff, my hobby is climbing munro mountains, not so long ago I truly believed my life as I knew it would be over and I'd have to give all my dreams up.... to not have that mindset anymore is a true blessing. Thank you so much Natasha, from me, my husband and family. Carli x